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      Part IV Translation (30 minutes)


      Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to translate a passage from Chinese into English. You should write your answer on Answer Sheet 2.

      最近中国科学院(Chinese Academy of Science)出版了关于其最新科学发现与未来一年展望的年度系列报告。系列报告包括三部分:科学发展报告,高技术发展报告,中国可持续战略报告。第一份报告包含中国科学家的最新发现,诸如新粒子研究与H7N9病毒研究的突破。该报告还突出强调了未来几年需要关注的问题。第二份报告公布了一些应用科学研究的热门领域,如3D打印和人造器官研究。第三份报告呼吁加强顶层设计,以消除工业升级中的结构性障碍,并促进节能减排。


      Chinese Academy of Science recently published an annualreport about its latest scientific findings and the prospect of thenext  year. The report consists of three parts:science development, more advanced technology development and thesustainable strategy of China. The first one includes the latestfindings of Chinese scientists, such as the research of newparticle and the breakthrough in the study of H7N9 virus.Furthermore, it highlights some problems we need to focus in nextfew years. The second one announces some heated fields in appliedscience. For example, the 3-dimension print and the study of human organs. The thirdone suggests people enhance the top design in order to get rid ofthe structural obstacles in industrial upgrading and to promote theenergy-saving and emission-reduction。



      Recently Chinese Academy of Science published annual report on the latest scientific development and the expectations for the coming year in a series. The report is composed of three parts: scientific development report、high-tech development report and Chinese sustainable strategy report. The first report includes Chinese scientists’ recent discoveries, such as the breakthrough in the research field of new particle and H7N9 virus. It also emphasizes the issues we need to pay attention in the next years. The second report announces some hot areas in applied scientific study, like 3D printing and artificial organ.The third report appeals to strengthen the top-level design so as to eliminate structural obstacle in industrial upgrading and promote energy-saving and emission -reduction。


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